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New Drama “Mad Dog” Features Movie - Quality Action And CGI In Latest Teaser

Oct 6, 2017

Who knew insurance fraud could be so exciting?

The upcoming KBS drama “Mad Dog” recently dropped a teaser trailer featuring movie-quality CGI as buildings crumble and airplanes crash to the ground. Although a drama about a team of insurance fraud investigators doesn't sound like it would contain much action, the teaser points out that some of the greatest tragedies in today's news – like a building collapse or an airplane accident – can happen because the wealthy and the corrupt cut corners and don't follow proper rules.

Also in the trailer, the “Mad Dog” team hack computers, power-slide across desks, and chase unknown suspects, while Yoo Ji-tae faces off both physically and intellectually with the menacing-looking Woo Do-hwan.

“Mad Dog” is slated to premiere on October 11. Watch the teaser below!


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