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(While You Were Sleeping) Suzy And Kim So-hyun Continue To Butt Heads

Oct 5, 2017

In new stills released for Thursday's episode of SBS's “While You Were Sleeping,” Suzy's and Kim So Hyun's characters lock horns, both parties refusing to back down in their ongoing fight.

In yesterday's episode of the drama, Hong Joo (Suzy) meets So Yoon (Kim So-hyun) for the first time when she offers to let So Yoon and her mom temporarily hide at her home away from So Yoon's abusive father.

Hong Joo and So Yoon immediately develop an almost sisterly relationship, constantly bickering and at each other's throats. Drama production said, “Hong Joo and So Yoon's squabbling over their 'bathroom incident' adds an endearing entertainment to the drama. Tune into tonight's episode to see who comes out on top.”


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