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Jeon Hye-bin Confirmed As Leading Lady Of New Rom-Com Web Drama

Sep 11, 2017

It looks like Jeon Hye-bin will be making a comeback on screen very soon!

Jeon Hye-bin's entertainment agency Namoo Actors revealed that she has been confirmed as the leading lady of a new web drama called “Number Woman Gye Sook-ja” (working title). The web drama is a romantic comedy story that mixes bold reality and fantasy about women in their thirties.

The character Jeon Hye-bin is going to play is Gye Sook-ja, the recruiting team leader of an enormous game company who is gifted with extraordinary memories and computation abilities. Gye Sook-ja tries to quantify everything in the world and is regarded as “cold-blooded” among the people around her because she doesn't believe in the unpredictable feelings of people.

In Jeon Hye-bin's latest drama “Distorted,” which had recently ended, she gained public favor for playing Oh Yoo-kyung, a photo journalist and a working mother of a 27-month-old child. As soon as this crime and mystery drama ended, she started filming for “Number Woman Gye Sook-ja.” About her newest web drama, Jeon Hye-bin said, “While I am afraid to act as a new character, I think bumps are the driving forces in life, so I'm waiting for this moment with excitement. I hope you will wait with a lot of interest and anticipation.”


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