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The Best K-Pop MV's that were released in 2005

May 19, 2017

K-Pop has changed over the years, naturally, and we are becoming more accustomed to these newer, trendier sounds. However, that doesn't stop us from taking a trip down memory lane and enjoying some blasts from the past now and again. If you're in the mood for some nostalgia, check out these hit K-Pop songs and MV's from 2005! Music Videos sure have come a long way in 12 years!

1. Super Junior - 'Twins'

We can't forget the debut of legendary boy group Super Junior! Before all the lineup changes, the group was slaying the game with "Twins" and already garnering fame overseas!

2. BoA - 'Girls On Top'

While BoA found more popularity later on, it didn't stop her from earning that dance queen title fans know her for today! "Girls On Top" was one badass track and showcased her flawless dance style - but that wig has gotta go!

3. TVXQ - 'Rising Sun'

Many claim TVXQ gained attention with "Hug" but we all know "Rising Sun" was the rise to fame. This throwback is still an amazing track to jam out to.

4. Dynamic Duo - 'Go Back'

Dynamic Duo not only debuted during the time but they released their smooth, easy-on-the-ears track "Go Back" and become legends from there on after.

5. SS501 - 'Never Again'

SS501 brought a unique J-pop meets K-pop style with their band concept. "Never Again" was an absolute hit and is just one of their many popular tracks during the time.

6. Jewelry - 'Superstar'

Who could forget the female sensations Jewelry. Being the longest running girl group until their disbandment a few years back, Jewelry were the talk of K-pop with their sexy concept in "Superstar."

7. Epik High - 'Fly'

Believe it or not, Epik High almost met with defeat before releasing "Fly." The track garnered enough attention to set them back on the map and fuel their careers. Imagine a life without Epik High? No thanks.

8. Ivy - 'A Ha'

If you thought Jewelry were the only sexy girl group out there, think again! Solo Singer Ivy kept pushing the limits with her sexy style and seductive dance moves in "A Ha."

9. Jang Woo-hyuk - 'Sun That Never Sets'

Many may not be too familiar with this artist but Jang Woo-hyuk from legendary group H.O.T. was touching everyone's heart with his emotional songs. "Sun That Never Sets" was just one of his many emotional pieces that left fans crying for more. His dance moves were also always on point.

10. Buzz - 'Coward'

Buzz's "Coward" is another classic whose name wouldn't ring a bell to any newer K-pop fans but it gave everyone life in 2005. From the unique style to the outstanding vocals, what's not to love?

11. SS501 - 'Fighter'

The boys debuted in 2005 and took the K-pop world by storm. "Fighter" was my favorite release that year.

12. 1TYM - 'Do You Know Me'

Before your favorite YG artists debuted, 1TYM was holding down the swag factor for YG. You might know Teddy, who has transitioned into one of the hottest producers in K-pop.

13. Lee Hyori ft. Teddy - 'Anycall'

You enjoy long CF's with storylines today? Well, if you do, you can thank this lengthy video storyline with Lee Hyori for Samsung's Anycall. This kicked off that formula and more idols were recruited by businesses to endorse their products.


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